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Pearl River hvac contractor

Perfect Comfort is a full service company that specializes in two of your home's most important systems: HVAC and plumbing. You depend on both your plumbing and your heating and AC every day to provide you and your family with comfort and also to perform your daily activities around the house. So if you experience any problems, it's good to know that you can trust Perfect Comfort for all repairs and maintenance of your plumbing and HVAC equipment. We also install brand new systems and can replace your current pipes or AC. Contact us today and let us help you with all your plumbing and heating & air needs.

Complete Heating & Air Conditioning Installation

One of the most important investments you will ever make as a homeowner is in a brand new heating & air system. After all, there are many benefits to a new unit such as higher efficiency, money savings, and increased home value. So why not do it right with professionals who have decades of combined industry experience. We can install all types of systems into your home including standard HVAC, furnaces, boilers and even new heat pumps. No matter how large or complicated your home's floor plan is, we can custom design your system and air duct work to provide warm or cool air into every room. You'll love the results!

HVAC Repairs You Can Count On

When your heater or air conditioner goes out, it's always a hassle. At Perfect Comfort we make HVAC repair easier than ever with a service that is headache-free, cost-effective and gets the job done right the first time. Our repair expertise extends to both residential and commercial systems. When you contact us we will arrive on-site, give your heater or Air conditioner a complete inspection and identify exactly what the problem is. We then go to work to fix your equipment and have it running in peak condition once again. We are committed to providing you with absolute satisfaction from start to finish.

Professional Plumbing Service

Cracked pipes and leaky faucets can turn into a disaster in no time at all and cause extensive damage in your home. For fast service that you can rely on call the pros at Perfect Comfort. We work on all types of plumbing systems that include PVC, steel, iron, and copper. We can patch up your current pipes, tighten connections, and fully replace any part of your pipeline. When the job is done you'll have a fully restored plumbing system that is totally sealed and working properly. Don't let small problems turn into large ones. Call our plumbers right away, and let us fix your pipes.

Preventative Maintenance and Tune Up

Once your brand new heating or air conditioning unit is installed it's vital to schedule annual maintenance so that your entire system is running efficiently throughout the year. With routine maintenance you can feel secure knowing that your heater or AC will operate during the peak seasons when you need it the most. A well maintained system also guarantees that repairs and other problems will be covered by your warranty. We offer a comprehensive point by point HVAC maintenance service that covers your entire system top to bottom. If there are any issues, we'll inform you and then fix them.

The Services We Provide In Pearl River, NY

Pearl River, NY

If you are looking for a Pearl River HVAC contractor please call us at (845) 497-1005 or complete our online request form.

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